Newcomers Support Program

Newcomers Support ProgramAt the Canada For Me Immigration Office, we understand how difficult it is when first arriving in a foreign country. Without the support of family and friends, and without a familiar environment, it can be hard to settle in. But help is here – we and experts from Slotoking have designed a menu of support programs to satisfy virtually every aspect of the new immigrant experience, making life easier for newcomers.

Canada For Me provides a fully comprehensive support program for newcomers. We assist our clients in preparing and submitting applications; we assemble required information and support documentation; we assist professional clients when assessed by their association body; and we provide information about government, education, employment, and health.

Pre Landing Services

  • Professional advice and counsel (including legal) on Canadian immigration law, rules, regulations
  • Assessment and review of documents (and supporting evidence) required for proper submission
  • Preparation of applications and files by experienced immigration lawyers, assisted by paralegals
  • Assurance that paperwork is filled out properly, with supporting documents that are so required
  • Submission of completed application for timely processing (including any other family members)
  • Assurance that all supporting documents are in full compliance with Canadian immigration laws
  • Supplying client case letters from Canada For Me to the proper Canadian immigration authorities
  • Assistance preparing for a personal interview granted in consideration of a pending application
  • Providing clients with all of the necessary support materials that are required for the interview
  • Representation and contact with Canadian government regarding a client’s pending application
  • Additional contact with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada (and abroad)
  • Overseeing a client’s case during processing, as well as corresponding with relevant authorities
  • Ensuring a timely processing period, and monitoring the issuance of Permanent Residence Visa
  • Reporting to each client, and advising with respect to the status of the immigration proceedings
  • Providing copies of all relevant immigration proceedings, correspondence, and official decisions

Post Landing Services

  • Pickup at the airport and assistance with any initial accommodation needs
  • Assistance with setting up bank account, social insurance card, health card
  • Initial familiarization with the locality, community center, and local library
  • Shopping advice and grocery tips to procure immediate needs and supplies
  • Advice regarding school options, admission requirements, documentation
  • Guidance and assistance when purchasing furniture, appliances or vehicle
  • Assistance with securing a Driver License, obtaining Business Registration
  • Advice and direction with translation services; tax preparation; job search

Insurance Services

Canada For Me offers a full range of insurance services. Our professional partner and consultant for these services is Insurance Advisor Igor Sonin. He has extensive experience in insurance, and can help to choose insurance products that are best suited. Our Insurance Advisor works with some of the biggest insurance companies in Canada, with coverage for every need and age group.

  • Medical insurance for travellers, visitors to Canada
  • Life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance
  • Education Plans (RESP) and Pension Plans (RRSP)
  • Insurance for new immigrants, international students
  • Travel insurance for newcomers, students, visitors

Insurance coverage should not be overlooked or underestimated. It’s designed to protect people and families in the event that loans become delinquent, mortgages can’t be paid, or financial responsibilities are compromised. This is especially important with unanticipated situations like death, illness, or disability. The right insurance product can provide the necessary protection.

Accounting, Tax preparation, Mortgages and Lines of Credit for newcomers.

Our partner in financial services is MG Financial Services. MG Financial Services specializes in the needs of newcomers. Experienced specialists provide full support services when registering for a Business Corporation or Sole Proprietorship, and can provide a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services. Everything is tailored to address the special needs of newcomer Canadians.

When it comes to tax preparation, Canada’s tax system can be hard to navigate for newcomers. There are different tax brackets, various tax returns, and no shortage of paperwork. MG Financial Services has the accounting experience and tax preparation expertise to assist clients in every tax category. The tax team also helps clients to better understand the Canadian tax system.

MG Financial Services can also help with day-to-day banking: opening a bank account; applying for a credit card or a line of credit; and choosing a financial institution that is the right fit. In addition, the team advises about Canada’s Credit Bureau system and the importance of having a good credit score. Business or personal, the experts can advise and counsel on financial matters.

For those who are already deciding on a house or condo purchase, MG Financial Services can help pave the way for a successful transaction. The team works closely with all of the major real estate companies, as well as established mortgage brokers. For the newcomer, the process is simplified, with advice and guidance from start to finish. Help is available for residential and commercial.

  • Opening a business (Corporation or Sole Proprietorship)
  • Annual income tax preparation (personal and business)
  • Preparation and filing of business taxes (HST and GST)
  • Professional accounting, bookkeeping, and investment
  • Applications for personal credit cards and lines of credit
  • Mortgages for newcomers and first time homebuyers

Insurance services for newcomers, international students, visitors and travelers

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