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Why Do So Many People Want to Immigrate to Canada?

Posted on August 11, 2016

There are numerous reasons why people from all over the world want to immigrate to Canada - some of them are obvious, some of them not so much. Worldwide, Canadian immigration is one of the most sought after today, especially with so much uncertainty everywhere. Amongst other things, Canada offers better opportunities for career development, for general employment, for personal growth, and for social interaction. In short, this is a country where new immigrants can find a better quality of life. And the truth is, it’s different than any other country in the west.


  •  Canada offers a wide range of immigration programs to new immigrants. There are special categories for the self-employed, and additional options for businesspeople. There are also non-immigrant categories for those seeking work permits, and programs for out-of-country students.
  • In general, immigration rules in Canada are less rigorous than most other countries. Indeed, Canada is one of the few nations in the world who have not reduced quotas for new immigrants. The possibilities are wide open, and the qualification process is streamlined when compared.
  • The skilled job market in Canada has become a very high demand sector, with countless opportunities for workers who have high level skills and qualifications. Working conditions, salaries, and benefits are more notable when compared with other countries around the world.
  • As a citizen, a Canadian passport holder enjoys many benefits when travelling throughout the world, including Visa-Free travel in many countries. This is particularly important for business people and investors who may be interested in immigrating, and making Canada their home.
  • Canada stands out in the crowd when it comes to social service benefits and programs for new immigrants. From education, to health, to social welfare, these government-subsidized services are made available to immigrants and their families. Canada ranks very high in comparison.
  • Importantly, Canada places little or no restriction on where an immigrant will work or live. There is also complete freedom of religion and culture, and no real limitations or exclusions when it comes to languages spoken. This may differ somewhat in the Province of Quebec.

All things considered, immigration policy is always highly administrative and bureaucratic. That’s when the experts at Canada For Me can be helpful. Canada For Me provides a range of services to meet the needs of immigrants, students, and workers of all category types. In-house specialists handle paperwork and applications under every category of immigration available. The team at Canada For Me represents client immigration cases, regardless of how difficult a case may be.

  • VISA applications - including temporary visas for visitors, students, and family members
  • Work permit applications - study permit applications - labour market impact assessments
  • Permanent resident applications - refugee applications - citizenship applications
  • Provincial and federal programs - humanitarian and compassionate immigrant applications

New immigration applicants are always in good hands with Canada For Me. The chances for quick approval are improved; every client has excellent representation; and the team always strives for the best possible outcomes.


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