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Not all immigration to Canada is by those looking for a permanent residence, some just wish to find work for a shorter, less definite period. Canadian temporary work permit is the program that allows this, and it is administered by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

For those looking to obtain a temporary work permit for Canada, there are several steps to go through, and in some circumstances, such as the country that the candidate currently resides in, a Temporary Resident Visa may also be needed to enter Canada.

Canadian LMIA

Canadian LMIA

The first step in obtaining a temporary work permit for Canada is the Canadian LMIA, or Labour market Impact Assessment. This must be applied for before the temporary work permit for Canada, and it is sought by the employer rather than the candidate.

Again, this is obtained through the ESDC, who assess the position and ensure that there is no permanent resident or Canadian citizen available to do the work before providing a positive LMIA. Once this is proven, then the business is awarded a positive LMIA, which the candidate can then use in their application for a Canadian temporary work permit.

A Canadian LMIA is not always needed to obtain a temporary work permit for Canada, there are certain situations that avoid it. These include:

  • Situations that fall under international agreements such as NAFTA
  • Reciprocal arrangements with other countries, whether at state or regional government level
  • Co-op placements that allow international students to fulfill work placement requirements
  • If the work brings significant benefit to Canada
  • Charitable or religious work
  • For the spouse or common-law partner of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  • Discretionary reasoning from immigration officials


Job offers

Once an employer has obtained a positive Canadian LMIA, the candidate for the Canadian temporary work permit can be provided with a temporary job offer. The foreign worker candidate must receive this in writing, along with the positive Canadian LMIA that is required to apply for the temporary visa.

Applying for a Canadian work permit

To apply for an LMIA based work permit for Canada, the candidate must include both the written offer of employment and the positive LMIA. If the position is within Quebec, a further document, the Certificate d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ), may be required depending on the nature of the work. You would also have to prove that you qualified for the said position by providing a CBSA officer at the port of entry with your diplomas, recommendation letters, and other supporting documents.

In addition to the confirmation of the available position and the positive LMIA, candidates need to pass basic security checks, and the permit only applies to the specific job that is noted in the application. For those who enjoy their Canadian experience, the  Canadian temporary work permit can be a starting point for obtaining permanent residence through various programs designed for enabling those with in-demand skills.

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