New Brunswick

A province on the eastern side of Canada, with the Atlantic Ocean along its coast and a border with the U.S. as well. It is the only officially bilingual province in the country, with about a third of the population speaking French as their first language. The varied climate and geography of the province provides warm sandy beaches to enjoy in the summer, beautiful fall colors, the purest, whitest snow in the winter, and a riot of color and new life in the spring, where plants and wildlife thrive across the region.

New Brunswick’s location, with easy access to the pristine fishing grounds of the North Atlantic, have ensured that the fishing industry is one of its biggest economic contributors, especially lobster fishing. However, agriculture is also important, with a chief export being maple Syrup. In addition, service industries are growing rapidly, contributing to the strength of the economy. New Brunswick boasts one of the lowest costs of living in the country, and with its abundance of rivers, lakes and miles of coastline, is a water lover’s paradise. For those thinking about immigrating to New Brunswick, there is a lot to like, and for those who do live in New Brunswick there are many benefits.

Education in New Brunswick

While the education system in New Brunswick follows the path that all Canadian education does, with capable, high-quality public education for all, it does differ in that there are parallel provisions that focus on English or French language provision. For those thinking of immigrating to New Brunswick with families, children have good access to quality education at all levels.

Foreign studentsthinking of studying in Canada also should consider New Brunswick. A range of colleges stretch across the region, offering quality education and a variety of programs for foreign students wherever they may wish to live in New Brunswick. In addition, there are two prominent Universities, on English language, one French. Both offer a broad range of programs, with the Law schools being particularly excellent and respected across the country.

When it comes to New Brunswick immigration for foreign students, our team work with all institutions across the province to ensure that any student finds a seamless, efficient application for study, including the acquisition of applicable study permit visas.

New Brunswick

Immigration to New Brunswick

As with Canada as a whole, there are several options for those looking to immigrate to New Brunswick. It can vary depending on the type of New Brunswick immigration being sought, but there are many options that enable foreign workers and students to acquire the relevant visas and permits. Some are administered by regional government, others through national programs. At regional level, immigration to New Brunswick follows the province’s Provisional Nominee Program, which provides a pathway to permanent residence for those will value to the region. In addition to specific skills, this option also covers those who plan to launch businesses and invest in the local economy.

For those who want to live in New Brunswick for education, or who are looking for temporary work permits or other options for employment, there are numerous nationally administered immigration programs that may suit.

Because program eligibilities and other details are frequently changed to meet specific skill demands, if you are interested in immigration to New Brunswick, get in touch with our team of professionals and we can help you find the most suitable program for your specific needs.

Business Opportunity in New Brunswick

A thriving economy, high standard of living and excellent infrastructure all make New Brunswick a wonderful location for business. With an expanding economy and a fantastic location ideal for access to the huge U.S. markets, including excellent communication links to Boston and New York, whatever the industry, New Brunswick opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

A range of visa options at both regional and national level, plus committed support for innovators across the province make immigration to New Brunswick a popular choice today. Whatever industry or market your business would operate in, our team of immigration professionals work with you to identify the appropriate immigration program that will provide the right visa solution. We quickly identify the right immigration stream that delivers your ability to live in New Brunswick.

Job Opportunities in New Brunswick

With a growing economy and in-demand products, businesses in New Brunswick are on constant need of new workers. In every industry, from fishing to services such as finance and insurance and almost every other sector, the job market is incredibly strong. With relatively low cost of living and the environment making this province a wonderful place to live, it is easy to see why so many are thing about New Brunswick immigration. If you have considered moving to live in New Brunswick, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, and secure your visa now.

Our team are Canadian visa experts, able to identify the appropriate immigration program for your particular situation. We walk you through the entire process, ensure that your documentation is correct and give you the best possibility of success and allow you to work and live in New Brunswick.



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