Quebec is a French speaking province situated in north eastern Canada. It is the second most populous province in the country, with a strong economy that has been able to adapt better than most to changing economic conditions. That ability to adapt and change is not just an economic feature, but it is a feature of the province and its population too. Montreal is one of the great cities of Canada, offering a vibrant, inclusive community, just as the rest of the province provides.

Unlike other provinces, Quebec administers its own immigration system and the entire process is offered in French. Quebec immigration also expects a level of French language skills for all who wish to live in Quebec. With that in mind, Quebec is an outstanding destination for those looking to build a new life. It has an abundance of job opportunities, wonderful living standards and a government that actively supports new arrivals.


Education in Quebec

For elementary and secondary schooling, the majority of public schools are French language institutions, although there are a number of English language schools mostly found around the Montreal area where there is an established English-speaking community. As with the rest of Canada, public schools provide high-quality education, with an inclusive approach and proven success. It is important to note that secondary education finishes at grade 11, or 17 years of age, with those wanting to continue to higher education subsequently moving to specialized colleges.

For those thinking about Quebec immigration with families, the education system offers a fantastic school experience for children right across the province. For foreign students looking for post-secondary education, Quebec provides a well-established range of institutions situated around the province.

These include colleges, which provide what is known as CEGEPS education. This is unique to Quebec, and this is positioned as a bridge between secondary school education and university provided graduate learning. CEGEPS offer both vocational and academic programs, allowing students to focus their education on their interests at an earlier age.

There are a number of universities and colleges situated around the province. As with worker immigration, they require a level of French language proficiency as part of the entry requirements, as well as their own testing process. Our team work with all institutions across the province to ensure that any student finds a seamless, efficient application for study, including the acquisition of applicable study permit visas.

Immigration to Quebec

Unlike other provinces or territories, all immigration to Quebec is solely organized by the local government. While there are a variety of visa programs on offer, including the Expression of Interest System and others, there are some unique aspects to be aware of when thinking about applying for Quebec immigration. Every applicant must be eligible for the Quebec Selection Certificate before they can apply for any program, in addition, French language proficiency is compulsory for all immigrants. This sets Quebec apart from the rest of Canada, and with entry places restricted to around 40,000 per year, immigration to Quebec is competitive.

However, as programs change frequently, adjusting eligibility and requirements to meet the current needs of the economy, those thinking about immigration to Quebec should get in touch with our team of professionals and we can help you find the most suitable program for your specific needs at that time.

Business Opportunities in Quebec

With advanced cities and infrastructure, great communications and a history of innovation all combined with a string job market, Quebec has everything for business to thrive. From manufacturing to agriculture, services to mining, Quebec has the skilled workforce required for any type of business that could be launched in the region.

In addition, Quebec offers a range of business-friendly immigration programs, covering entrepreneurs looking to start a new company, through to investors seeking to take positions in existing organizations. Fully supported, those who find Quebec immigration for business enjoy an amazing environment that actively helps them achieve success.

As with other areas, business immigration to Canada is enabled by various programs that change eligibility and requirements frequently, and as such, for those wishing to live in Quebec, it is crucial to get in touch with our team of immigration professionals at an early stage. They will work to identify the appropriate immigration program that will provide the right visa solution.

Job Opportunities in Quebec

High standards of living, beautiful landscapes, great education and exceptional infrastructure make Quebec a great place to start a new life. The strong job market convers a range of industries, from agriculture to high tech, finance to manufacturing, for those with valued skills, there are opportunities right across the province.

Those who live in Quebec consider it one of the best places to live, and this combined with availability of quality employment, mean that for immigrants Quebec is an excellent choice. However, with the Quebec immigration system, ensuring an application is successful is a challenge. To make sure that you are able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, allow our team to take you through the entire process, ensuring that all documentation is correct in order to provide the best possibility of success for applicants who want to live in Quebec.


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