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How can I determine whether I can apply for Permanent Residency?

There are numerous requirements when applying for Canadian Permanent Residency. Clearly, it will depend on the individual; on specific circumstances; and on the applicant’s background. In fact, each Government Immigration Program has different eligibility pre-requisites and different application processes. As such, the bureaucratic administration requires time and patience.

Typically, most applications will require basic background information:  educational experience; language abilities; career and work history; income and net worth; perhaps even details about potential job offers. Nationality is a factor, as is the current country of residence. Having family members who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents would be an important factor.

Applicants for Canadian Permanent Residency may be eligible under various immigration and/or sponsorship programs. However, before application, it would also be wise to determine whether there are any reasons for NOT being admissible to Canada. For some applicants, it might be helpful to secure the services of an immigration specialist to help choose an immigration stream.

Indeed, Canada has numerous immigration programs – each with different eligibilities:

  • Express Entry is for skilled immigrants who will be candidates in an Express Entry Pool
  • Quebec skilled workers must apply for a Certificate of Selection (with certain provisions)
  • The Start-Up Visa Program has special requirements, relative to business ideas/ventures
  • Immigrant investors and self-employed applicants must meet relevant experience criteria
  • Family sponsorships may include a spouse/partner, children, parents, and grandparents
  • Provincial Nominees must undergo language testing, medical exams, and a police check

For those applicants who use the services of an immigration specialist, advice and counsel is offered on a wide range of issues relative to immigration and citizenship. These specialists also provide assistance with paperwork, administration, and submission to the Government of Canada.  Applying for Permanent Residency Status is more streamlined and less stressful.




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