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Can Family Members Accompany an Immigrant?

For family members who are planning to immigrate to Canada with the principal applicant, the Government of Canada has a specific definition for each “family member”.

  1. a spouse or a common-law partner
  2. a dependent child of the applicant
  3. a grandchild (the dependent child of a dependent child)

Family members who will accompany the primary applicant are to be included in the application. As it is, parents and grandparents cannot accompany the primary applicant to Canada. However, it may be possible for an applicant to sponsor these family members as Canadian immigrants once the initial immigration has been completed for immediate family members.

As with so many other immigration streams, there are requirements and conditions that must be met when a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen sponsors family members to immigrate to Canada.

  1. the sponsor must meet the basic needs of the family (food, clothing, shelter)
  2. the sponsor must financially support and provide for each family member
  3. the sponsor must ensure that family members do not need government aid

For those who will be immigrating to the Province of Quebec, there are additional pre-requisites for sponsorship, these being defined by the Province of Quebec. 

Beyond the basic conditions for sponsoring family members, the Government of Canada also considers a number of other variables - like the age of family members, marriage classification, even employment prospects while an application is being processed. Suffice to say that the process is bureaucratic and patience is required throughout the processing.

Many immigration applicants choose to use the services of Canadian immigration specialists. In fact, these experts provide much more than just guidance and advice. They understand the array of issues that surround immigration and citizenship, and can streamline some of the bureaucratic elements. A reputable firm can also efficiently prepare an applicant’s paperwork, and make the submission directly to the Government of Canada.




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