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How Does One Start the Immigration Process in Canada?

Every immigrant to Canada is uniquely different, and so every immigrant will be interested in a different immigration stream. It all depends on personality, life situation, career goals, and even family circumstances. All things considered, Canada has excellent federal and provincial programs designed to ensure successful and satisfying immigration experiences for all.


Today, there are more than 60 program streams available for new immigrants. A good start for newcomers is to determine which program stream would be most applicable. The categories are wide ranging, and intended for professionals, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, caregivers, and investors. In fact, Canadian citizens can actually sponsor family members for immigration.


Because the process of immigration tends to be overwhelming, many applicants choose services provided by an immigration firm. This is an ideal way to start the process and to identify which immigration stream would be most suitable. There are programs for skilled tradespeople; for investors and high-worth individuals; even for those with previous Canadian work experience.


The truth is, a reputable immigration firm can provide more than just good advice and guidance. Indeed, immigration experts are skilled in preparing all the paperwork; managing the supporting documents; and submitting completed applications to the right government agency. A good immigration consultant can actually make a difficult immigration experience less stressful.


In Canada, immigration applicants may be eligible for Permanent Resident Status under a number of program streams – that’s why it’s so important to identify a stream that is most suitable. At the same time, applicants should ascertain if there are reasons that would preclude admissibility. Needless to say, each immigration program stream will have unique eligibility.

  • Express Entry is designed primarily for skilled workers
  • Start-Up Visas are designed for business entrepreneurs
  • Family sponsorships include spouses, children, parents
  • Provincial Nominees are part of the federal programs




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