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How Does One Start the Immigration Process as a Student?

Canada has one of the very best education systems in the world.  There are many learning institutions in every province, from coast to coast, including language schools, community colleges, and recognized universities. For many, studying in Canada can be advantageous when planning to eventually immigrate. The best is to have a viable, step-by-step plan.

Prior to applying for an official study permit, student applicants must be accepted by a recognized Canadian institution. Across Canada, provinces/territories manage education. It means that each region will have different opportunities, depending on the student need. The Province of Quebec has unique immigration policies, and therefore unique requisites.

Apart from the official processing and paperwork, students should also consider their day-to-day needs once they have arrived. This would include such things as finding appropriate long-term accommodation, acquiring proper provincial medical insurance, even transferring from one institution to another. In short, the more preparation, the better the transition.

Obtaining a Study Permit

Whatever the stream of study, a Study Permit will be required before entering Canada. Students may choose from a wide variety of education streams:  purely academic options; vocational instruction and training; or professional accreditation through a university. There are also short-term programs available (6 months or less) where no Study Permit would be required.

Working while off campus

In order to work off campus while studying, it’s necessary to have a work permit. This entails an Off-Campus Work Permit with 2 options: part-time work (20 hours/week) during academic sessions; and full-time work during winter, summer, or spring breaks. To qualify, students must be enrolled full-time in a recognized post-secondary institution and have a Study Permit.

Working while on campus

With a Study Permit, students can work on campus, without a work permit. For this, a student must be enrolled full-time in one of the following:  a community college; a public university; a CEGEP (collège d’enseignement général et professionnel); a public trade or technical school; a private educational institution that is accredited and authorized to award degrees.




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