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How Long Does it Take to Get Permanent Resident Status?

The department that processes Permanent Residency - Citizenship and Immigration Canada - defines the processing time of an application from the day the application is received to the day a decision is made.  Applicants should also consider delivery time in addition to processing time. As well, processing times could vary, depending on where an applicant is currently residing.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes every effort to process applications efficiently and in a timely manner. But the truth is, processing times for Permanent Residency are very hard to predict - there are many variables to consider. And although there are online tools to keep up to date on applications, it may be most helpful to secure the help of an immigration specialist.

Importantly, there are some helpful guidelines that will help avoid administrative delays and even the potential for refusal. Here again an immigration expert may be very effective.

  •  applications should be carefully examined to identify the correct immigration category
  • paperwork should be properly filled out, signed appropriately, and dated accordingly
  • all of the required supporting documents should be included (and likely photocopied)
  • required payments/fees should be submitted by using the correct payment method

Given that immigration and citizenship applications are highly administrative, Permanent Residency submissions will be affected correspondingly. Applicants who choose to use the services of an immigration firm may well benefit from expertise and experience that may not otherwise be available. And while there are no guarantees, the process may be streamlined. 

A reliable immigration service can be very advantageous when it comes to filling out government paperwork; processing supporting materials; and submitting applications to the proper agency. Indeed, an immigration service provider can actually make the entire experience less stressful.
As well, the experts are able to effectively deal with difficult cases, and find solutions.




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